We kick off our new interview series, Cambered Corner, with one of the most diverse drivers you’re going to meet in grassroots motorsports, Brianne Corn. Brianne holds a world land speed record on a 500cc bike, she’s done the Pikes Peak Hill Climb in both a rally car and a motorcycle, has won championships in stage rally, SCCA Solo, and RallyCross, and has competed in the Pirelli World Challenge’s Touring Car class. She talks with us about racing on a budget and how you don’t need cubic meters of cash to go out and enjoy competing in motorsport, and the upcoming SCCA RallyCross National Championship.

  • rapierman

    Nicely done for your first interview. I might have chosen different theme music, but that’s just me and not relevant. Congrats. :D

    • that’s my fault. I’m listening to some music and was thinking, you know…we need something different for a sort of grassroots themed podcast. something basic, not to convoluted. So I take full responsibility for choosing music. Doug had no culpability in the issue, it’s all my fault.

  • I need a better microphone. :\

  • I found it an enjoyable listen, even though I don’t follow racing all that much. Good work Doug, look forward to future episodes.

  • MIE

    Thanks for taking the time to record this, very interesting.

  • Is this going to be added to the podcast RSS? My player doesn’t seem to pull it if it is on there already.