Ducati is making moves for the 2014 and 2015 season by signing Cal Crutchlow as a replacement for Nicky Hayden. Cal will join his former teammate, Andrea Dovizioso,

The tea released a brief statement:

“Ducati would like to thank Nicky for his contributions during that time, and everyone on the team and at Ducati Corse looks forward to giving him and Andrea their full support over the second half of the 2013 season,” the team said.

Crutchlow is currently 5th in the championship on a Yamaha.

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  • I adore Hayden and don’t want to see him leave MotoGP, but it’s not like his career was going anywhere at Ducati. I kind of want him to go to WSBK and start winning again, even though I have a horrible tendency to forget to watch WSBK. If not that, maybe he can be a good development rider on a non-MSMA bike (or whatever the kids are calling CRTs these days). Not that it really worked out for Colin Edwards, but hey, a girl can dream. (Even better if Hayden and Edwards end up on a team together. Team Southern Accents! Imagine the press releases.)

    I honestly think Yamaha is losing out by not giving Tech 3 more technology and keeping Cal happy until Rossi inevitably retires. I get the logic — they don’t want a mere satellite guy taking points off their champion (though it would help if said champ kept himself in one piece for an entire season, but bygones). Then again, it’s not like he’ll likely be much of a threat on the Ducati next season. I’m trying to be optimistic, but that bike is a career destroyer.

    Speaking of MotoGP, is there any chance that the FIA will set up a subscription video streaming service for F1? I’m not sure how the rights work and if that’s even feasible, but as one of those cord-cutting no-cable hippies, I’m loving the fact that I can drop a few bills at the beginning of the season and get top-quality race coverage all season long. Sometimes I just put the classic races on for background noise while I work. Best several dozen euros I’ve spent in a long time.