Y’all will let me know when the whole “end of the world” joke reaches its end, right? (Just do so gently.)

Well, hopefully it hasn’t yet because, check it: Danica Patrick today secured pole for the season-opening Nationwide race at Daytona.

Now, to be clear, this is the second-tier series where she is going to do most of her running this year. But it also is at Daytona.

Oh. And. We’re. Talking. About. Danica.

One thing is for sure. She already knows how to talk like them Nascar boys: “I’m just happy I could turn the wheel, push the pedal down and start on the pole. It’s great to be in this position,” she said, according to ESPN, which must be lovin’ this!

According to ESPN, Danica’s the first woman to earn a pole position in the second-level Nascar series since 1994. Shawna Robinson did so at Atlanta on March 12.

Danica averaged 182.741 mph on her fast lap, which took 49.250 seconds.

She starts in front of Trevor Bayne, Elliott Sadler, Dale Earnhardt Jr., Austin Dillon, Sam Hornish Jr. and Tony Stewart.

Dale Earnhardt just rolled over in his [blanky blank] grave, I’m thinking.

After running in this race on Saturday, she’ll make her Sprint Cup debut at the Daytona 500 on Sunday.

  • F1 Kitteh

    Maybe you should put down some money on Force India winning Melbourne. I’ll do the same for HRT.

  • Fred

    If this race has as many crashes as Saturday nights race and all they want to talk about is Danica, it’s going to be a long boring Sunday.

  • The drivers seat

    The one good thing about Indycar this year
    No constant Danica updates, have fun NASCAR !

  • F1Sommelier

    Another reason why its so hard for us American F1 fans to be taken seriously in the larger landscape of international motor sports.

  • mercec87

    Is the font color under the “share and enjoy” section pink because it’s a Danica story? I also thought it was funny that NASCAR fans thought that the onboard camera shot of her taking her hands off the steering wheel was because she was covering her eyes. It was all over ESPN yesterday.

  • Mike

    Let’s see…NASCAR’s big-name-story-of-the-year amazingly wins the pole for a race at NASCAR’s biggest track, and that race just happens to be sponsored by a company that ALSO just happens to be Danica’s primary sponsor. And they claim that the days of certain teams getting “the call” are long behind them. Uh huh, right…

    • Jack Flash (Aust)

      Well yeah! It’s NASCAR. Pantomime racing. HMS Pinafore anyone? Make way “Sideshow Bob” for the arrival of Sideshow Danica. JF

  • F1Champ

    Common guys, jokes apart (which we all like to have a laugh about Danica). Give this individual some credit for what is due just like any other racing driver achieving something in their lives.

  • Gordon

    She put it on pole ahead of some other drivers I’ve actually heard of so it’s not too bad. (Unless it was like Hulk’s Brazil pole which was mainly down to luck – looking forward to Di Resta thumping him this season)

  • F1derbar

    I keep seeing pics of this swimsuit model in racing gear. Is she a driver?

  • Brian

    I just wish shed wear something other than studs some time…