Somehow I just missed it. It is a shame to admit but for some reason I had no idea there was a series called Speedcar nor did I know that it included some of our most beloved F1 drivers. You ask what Jean Alesi is up to? Glad you asked…he’s driving Europe’s version of NASCAR at Watkins Glen!!!

This stuck in my throat like last years faded yellow Peep and while struggling for air, I was able to Google the series and found this. Then I found this. And then this!

One might suspect that Europeans would learn much from watching our NASCAR brand of racing…then again, they apparently didn’t. A mission should be to pipe Speed TV to all Europeans so they too may share in the 24/7 coverage of NASCAR and revel in its majestic Spec-series glow. Marvel in its caressing tedium and find homage in its Byzantine rules and points system. A week of that should shut the entire Speedcar series down.

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  • After considering this, it would be funny if this series got it right and was much more fun to watch and less of a Professional Wrestling event that NASCAR has become. Heck, I may watch it if it is anywhere as good as Australian V8’s.

  • Paul

    And I thought the fact I was exploding at both ends was because I’d caught the norovirus the news has being going on about.

    The sudden verbage of a turrets sufferer should have told me different.

    Seems it was just that the mental disturbance waves reached me before the news did about Speedcar.

    I hope this is all a nightmare and I wake up in a moment with full control of my bodily functions and the notions of speedcar wiped from my mind.

  • What are we on about again?

  • Lucas S.

    What Jean Alesi is going to Nascar!!

    Lucas S.

  • Oh. Well guess what my guide to NASCAR is. Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby. Okay I’m kidding but I did learn a few things there, sorta…

  • Paul

    On second thoughts if they don’t just go round in circles I’ve no problem with an F1 retirement seris.

  • LOL. That was kind of my thought Paul. That’s funny. After I thought about it and learned they aren’t going around in circles, I found it oddly amusing to see Johnny and Jean tradin’ paint.

  • wonder if they’ll have country music acts for opening entertainment?

  • Anarchy

    Are you kidding me? Speedcar is based in Dubai and he’s one of 5 former F1 greats racing