Well after all this time we thought it was Africa that pushed Max over the top and come to find out this man, Mohammad Bin Sulayem, controlled 41 of the votes Max needed to survive the vote of confidence.Isn’t that convenient considering that the ADAC and AAA had only two votes between them. Odd that.

Also odd that this was a “terrorist attack” on Max. Seems a bit melodramatic doesn’t it? After all, this is only racing right? The only attack I can think of was on Max’s bum and from the looks of it; he’ll be missing it as it has been sold to the UAE motoring club in return for their 41 votes. Nice job Max. You’re no different than the women you hired my beleaguered and politically astute worker of people. People…you know, the capital that drives your dreams.

“Yes, you are right. I had got him so many votes” Sulayem, also a successful rally driver, said in an interview with Gulf News. “Yes, I made the difference. I don’t deny it !”

Sulayem is unashamedly a staunch Mosley supporter, and has referred to the sex scandal as a “terrorist attack on his personal life.”

“If anyone can convince me that he has done wrong to motor sport or during his tenure his decisions have hurt formula one or rallying then we have a case. But not over his personal and private affairs” he said.

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  • onthepodium

    but even if all of those 41 votes went the other way, that still leaves 62 in favor of him staying and 55 against. what was the margin he needed to win in order to stay?

  • Lucas S.

    “Do you know this man?”

    I think he might have been at a party my uncle bob had last summer. What a coincidence.

    Lucas S.

  • onthepodium

    i think that’s the new TAG HEUER add…”What are you made of?”

  • onthepodium

    sorry, bad math on my part!

  • Noddy93

    Mohammad Bin Sulayem is my hero. Good for him!

  • Careful, hero worship is not looked upon very well over there…unless you’re Max. ;)

  • Noddy93

    I’m not saying he’s á¹¢alāḥ ad-DÄ«n YÅ«suf ibn AyyÅ«b (aka Saladin)… but anyone who stands up to the “moral” hoards and does so publicly is a hero of mine… even if I disagreed with their point… which, in this case, i don’t.

  • I recall Saladin; a Kurd as I remember. Bet that doesn’t sit well with a few folks over there. ;)

    And who knew that Sulayem was quite the Rally driver; that’s pretty cool. I like the pictures of him in his red Marlboro racing suit. I can’t recall what car he drives for Rally but I know what he smokes. :) I’m thinking Michael Jackson is a friend of his as well. I have seen a few stories about Jacko staying with him while in exile. His friend list has some unique characters.

  • Noddy93

    “His friend list has some unique characters.”

    and you wonder why I like him

  • LOL. Who knew you were a big Jacko fan? The guy can dance and sing; Wonder if he taught Sulayem to moon walk? That would be priceless.

  • Hussain

    He is powerful and supported by the Prince of Dubai, so be sure he is the one Max will be looking to gain his support.