The Circuit of the Americas has announced their ticket pricing packages and the good news is, they are affordable. Here is the press release:

Austin, Texas (June 5, 2012)– Circuit of The Americas today announced the date when members of the public can purchase three-day reserved grandstand bleacher seats and general admission tickets to the FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX™, set for Nov. 16-18, 2012. The soon-to-be-completed center for premium sports and entertainment in Austin, Texas, will host the return of the world-famous Formula 1™ racing series to the United States for the first time in five years. Three-day reserved grandstand bleacher seats and general admission tickets to the highly anticipated event go on sale Sunday, June 10, at 10 a.m. EDT, at general admission tickets are priced at an affordable $159 per person and allow fans to choose their views of the action from several grassy berms and spacious public areas surrounding the 375-acre state-of-the-art facility designed by Tilke GmbH, the famed German architectural company known for its work on signature F1™ circuits. Three-day reserved grandstand bleacher seats range in price from $269 to $499 per person and offer guests spectacular views from vantage points around the 3.4-mile racetrack, including Turns 2, 3, 4, 5, 11 and 12.

Prices for reserved grandstand bleacher seats depend on location and are detailed in the table that follows (see supplemental table with comparable 2012 Grand Prix grandstand reserved seating pricing on page 3). All three-day reserved grandstand bleacher seats and general admission tickets include round-trip shuttle bus transportation from three designated park-and-ride locations in the greater Austin area. Shuttle bus pick-up/drop-off locations include the corner of 15th Street and Trinity Street in downtown Austin, the Travis County Fair and Expo Center at 7311 Decker Lane, and at a location in southeast Travis County that will be announced this summer.

Seating Area Three-Day Ticket Price  Per Person
General Admission $159
Grandstand – Turn 11 $269
Grandstand – Turns 2, 3, 4 and 5 $299
Grandstand – Turn 12 (lower rows) $399
Grandstand – Turn 12 (upper rows) $499
“Formula 1™ fans and motorsports enthusiasts around the world have eagerly anticipated this news, and we’re excited to launch public ticket sales for our inaugural event in the next few days,” Circuit Chief Marketing and Revenue Officer Geoff Moore said. “We have options to fit every pocketbook.“Information provided by the public was crucial as we finalized prices for the 2012 FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX™. We received fan input from extensive customer surveys and through market research from other Grands Prix and comparable premier, international, multi-day sporting events. In the final analysis, we wanted to make this event affordable to F1 fans around the country. Whether they want a reserved seat or the freedom to explore our expansive facility with a general admission ticket, they will enjoy great views and amenities.”

FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX™ tickets go on sale Sunday, June 10, 2012, at 10 a.m. EDT. To select and purchase tickets, fans should visit, (use the search terms “Circuit of The Americas” or “Formula 1 United States Grand Prix”), or dial the Ticketmaster hotline,800.745.3000, to review available options.

Customers interested in premium seating options, such as personal seat licenses with season tickets and on-site parking, can submit information through the “Tickets” section of Circuit’s official website and will be contacted by a sales representative for more information. Circuit of The Americas sales representatives are available Monday through Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. CDT at 512.301.6600.

Additional information about Grand Prix transportation and travel packages, facility hours of operation, special events and entertainment, and items permitted inside Circuit of The Americas during the FORMULA 1 UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX™ will be announced in the coming weeks.

2012 Formula 1™ Grand Prix Three-Day Grandstand Reserved Seat Pricing Comparison*

Monaco $520
Brazil $394
Britain $351
Australia $324
United States $269
Canada $264
Europe $247
Spain $234
Belgium $208
Singapore $195
Germany $194
Malaysia $179
Italy $169

*Prices listed are the lowest-priced grandstand seating options for the Grands Prix specified in the table.

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  • Schmorbraten
    • dude

      Well the Silverstone rip off in the beginning and all the campers changes is fun, but no chance of overtaking there. If I remembered correctly from the Red Bull promo video, the downhill straight is more steep in real life.

      After the dizzying first sector, it goes into classic micky mouse Tilke Abu Dhabi-like style. The track seems to be built to be KERS and DRS friendly, where all the main overtaking points are at the hairpins.

  • peterriva

    NC – PLEASE , ask your on staff racing experts which grandstand will have the most exciting (overtaking, corners) view. There is no way for us amateurs to guess… SJ? Connor? Help!

    • F1 Kitteh

      You ever heard of the holy DRS zone ?

    • I’ll be honest, some of the GA spots look good as long as they have grass by then. :)

  • Rapierman

    So, I’m guessing that a one-day general admission ticket is going to be somewhere in the neighborhood of $60 to $70. :-P Guess you’ll never see me there.

    • Tony Greene

      No single day tickets will be sold, unfortunately. So if you are considering going, it will have to be one of the three-day options.

      • Rapierman

        Even more reason for me to say “Can’t make it, too expensive, nobody ever thinks about us low- and middle-income people, etc.” Sorry, guys, but unless there’s some miracle, there’s no way I’ll ever get to see any sort of auto race, much less Formulat 1.

        I know it’s silly for me to say it, but I feel so damned oppressed (or maybe depressed…I dunno…) :-(

  • adaptable1

    Good luck finding a hotel/motel anywhere in Austin for the whole weekend. There is a big college football game in Austin on Saturday as well. I’m thinking about going to the race only flying in & out of San Antonio, where there are hotel rooms available and flights aren’t sold out. Watching the race on TV is looking much more hassle free.

    • Steve C

      There is no game that weekend. UT plays the week before and the week after. The AD knew about the race date and made sure that week was left open. UT plays the Saturday before and the Saturday after both at home.

      • Grace

        When I made our reservation, the guy at the hotel rattled off about three major events going on that weekend including *I think* UT’s parent weekend. Long story short, hotels were booked up before they moved the date for the race.

        • Tim Wood (@austin_f1)

          As Steve said, there’s no game that weekend. There are games on the 10th & 24th, but not on GP week. The clerk had no idea what he was talking about.

          • Steve C

            Tim, I’m not sure what Grace was referring to but I did search for events happening and didn’t see anything. Someone told me that UT was trying to get the TCU game moved to Thanksgiving (like A&M) but I guess is just a rumor.

    • Tony Greene

      We’ve finally given up finding a moderately priced hotel for Thursday night alone (luckily, we have a time share booked for the weekend beginning on Friday night). We’re just going to make the drive from DFW on Friday morning, more than likely causing us to miss first practice. Some rooms that are still available are going for about four times their regular price. It’s a shame that the hoteliers feel they need to do that, but if the rooms can’t be found, then someone’s obviously willing to pay for it.

      • So this is the official F1B HQ?

        • Rapierman

          Dude, whatever you guys decide is going to be your “Official F1B HQ”. I’m just sorry that i won’t be at the race due to the impossibility of the financial demands ($159 for three days and no less, my ass).

          • Steve C

            What kind of dollars were you koping to spend? $159 isn’t all that bad, hell I’m considering $269 to $299 for a grandstand seat.

          • Rapierman

            Try working for Uncle Sam. I’m not exactly getting rich off of that. :-P

  • positiveCamper

    As the man says: “The rent’s too high!” No wonder this sport has not reached the masses in the US of A. Remember, Bernie. You can’t take it with you.

    • MIE

      I don’t think he is planning on going anywhere.

      • Rapierman

        He does seem to be planning on killing the goose that lays the golden eggs, though. :-P

      • positiveCamper

        He can make all the plans he wants. Nobody gets out of this gig alive.

    • Steve C

      Remember, Bernie doesn’t get any of the tickets sales outside of the Paddock Passes, all the sales go to the owners and investors.

      • positiveCamper

        I don’t know exactly how it is all structured financially. I do know that Bernie gets a mighty big taste one way or another, and that is ultimately reflected in ticket prices.

        • Steve C

          Bernie’s company gets the sanctioning fee, the ticket proceeds go to the promoter/track onwers and are probably priced for both the market and what they think they need to come out on top.

          OK, this new captcha thing down at the bottom is driving me nuts, first I can’t see it without moving down the page a little and I have to break out the calculator to figure it out…

          • positiveCamper

            I’m with you on the captcha thing, SC. If the questions get any more difficult, I’m going to have to go back to school…

  • raithrover

    Really good prices and a good decision from the promoter. I’m almost tempted to go myself one year on that basis.

  • MIE

    What is it with all te Tilke circuits, none of them have names for the corners. Surely there are enough well known American racers to give names to a dozen or so corners?

    • Rapierman

      This is Texas. In some cases, we aren’t even creative with our names (“Longview”, “Fort Worth”, “Orange”, “Plainview”, :”Marble Falls”, “Junction”, “Brownwood”, “Eastland”, “Freeport”, “Bay City”, etc.) I would not be surprised if those turns go unnamed.

    • positiveCamper

      I hereby nominate the names “Danica Dogleg,” “Billy Boat Bend, ” and “Junior Junction.”

    • dude

      They can use some sponsoring like they do with New Zealand rally stages. The McDonald’s S curves, the Monsanto’s Green Health straight, Home Improvement’s hairpin, Exxon Eco junctions.

    • Steve C

      A few of us supporters down here are calling the track, The Elroy International Raceway.

      They’ll be turn names, we have famous people here in Texas.

  • menonitefury

    The general admission price is good for me, even if I have to sleep in my car for a few nights. I’m assuming there won’t be much sleeping that weekend anyways.

  • Dumpsterdiver

    I was really hoping, foolish, probably, that GA would closer to 100 or under and grandstands starting at 170+. Unless there are large berms with good viewing angles, I’ve found that GA just isn’t worth it for that price; I’d rather spend more and have a reserved seat than wake up super early to scrap for a piece of dirt with no view (whichive done before). With the tickets at these prices, and living on the east coast, theres not much price difference with the european races, unfortunately.

  • Turn 5 seems to be where most people I’ve spoken to are looking but some of the GA spots look good as long as there is grass. Turn 11 will have overtaking and slow cars there but you see less of the track than from 5 or 4 etc.

  • starwingsports

    Honestly, folks, considering the cost of getting to any of the other GPs around the world, Austin is practically free. Look at the ticket prices…and then factor in international travel costs. A flight to the Austin area is relatively cheap. It may cost you over $2k just to get to Singapore, not including race tickets and a place to stay (no sleeping in your car there).

    For all of you complaining, shut up. We wanted a race in the US, we’re getting one (hopefully two!). It’s ridiculous to complain about not having something and then complain when you get it. Either you want a race or you don’t. It’s unfair to ask the promoters and owners (the track does get gate, by the way) to be dramatically under everywhere else’s prices. They’ve dumped serious cash into building a legitimate racetrack in the face of Bernie’s *cough* business method. Just think of what people pay to go watch a single NFL football game. Man up.

    • Ben

      It’s true that this GP is a bargain if you live in Texas. If you don’t, Canada may be a better bargain. From DC I’m finding that airfare is about the same for the two races, and grandstand seating are comparable, but lodging costs are at least twice as high in Austin. That’s still not too much less than going to Spa because GA seating is so good.

      Still, it’s the first year at a new track, so I have tickets in the top half of 12. If it’s not stunning, next year I’ll go back to Montreal. If you are feeling a little bit richer at some point and want to live the dream, go to Spa… while it lasts.

  • Armando

    I got mine yesterday Turn 2 Row 12. I can’t wait!
    Also, I think tickets are going fast on the pre-sale. Turn 2 seem full and Turn 3 and 12 are just offering 1-2 tickets on bottom rows. They should be full by the end of the week.

  • BillyBob

    Turn 4 row 22. Four seats.

    When I was purchasing tickets, turn 12 upper rows were still available.

    Going down to race from Detroit with buddies in an RV. Should be fun.

    Never been to Texas. I hope the race is better than the Detroit Indycar event.

  • Noddy93

    Turn 11 Row 5
    three hours previous they were at row 10… i should not have hesitated

  • Mike

    Not sure if we’re going to be able to make it or not, but if we do, it’ll be GA all the way. I managed to score a hotel room as soon as I heard that the date was changing, but Thursday night through Monday morning is going to cost us about $800, even at the hotel’s normal rate. Guess I’m glad we got in before they jacked the rates.

    If there’s one thing these prices reinforce to me, it’s what a screaming bargain Indy was. Over the years we worked our way up to having tickets right at the apex of (F1’s) Turn One, which I considered to be some of the best seats in the house. We could see the entire front straight plus through the end of the first timing section. Even with those seats, our three-day ticket price *maybe* $200, and that’s guessing a bit high. Not to mention that we could park near the circuit…

  • Deovann07

    Know the Prices of tickets to the F1 Austin race… Continue reading this article for you to know how much you will need to prepare to secure your own tickets for various seating areas.

  • Miguel Khoury Khoury

    I need 5 tickets for 11/18

  • Ana B. AC

    my husband and have tickets, we need to know if our 18 months old son can attend? does need ticket too?