Well, I thought Monaco was going to be the best weekend of the year but I seriously couldn’t have been more wrong.  What a ride it was…

Nice start to the weekend

The race weekend started out quite nicely!  I arrived at the Nice airport in France by myself with no ride to the track until my teammate Abt got there a couple hours after me.  On my flight to Nice was a friend of mine who I raced with in the Walter Hayes Trophy Formula Ford race in 2008, a veteran of motor sports, Michael Vergers.  Neither of us had a ride to the track and we saw a sign for helicopter rides to Monaco.  Michael instantly thought it was a good idea!  At first I thought I probably shouldn’t spend money on something like that but after a minute I thought, it’s my first time in Monaco and I should really try and make the best of it!  It was only 120 euros which wasn’t too bad really for a helicopter trip over the sea to Monaco where we landed only 5 minutes walk from the GP3 paddock!  Talk about awesome, it was such a cool experience.  I had actually never been in a helicopter before.

So that was a pretty cool way to start things out and it was then time to walk the track!  We had to walk the track in what seemed like rush hour traffic which was quite interesting.  It was such a cool place!  The sights, the track, the yachts, the everything!  I  couldn’t believe it when I first got on track the next day.  I was loving every minute of it and we seemed to be quite quick!  The car felt really good and I was excited to get to qualifying.


Unfortunately we got the unlucky straw for the qualifying groups, being an even number I had to be in the first group and of course the second group was going to be faster!  I had to focus on being the quickest in my group though and it was going very well until the very last lap.  I was over half a second up on my previous best lap until the end of the second sector when someone crashed in front of me which meant I had to abandon the lap and my session was over leaving me P4 in the group.  I couldn’t believe it I was so frustrated, that was the pole position that I wanted the most and I knew we had the car to do it!  However, it was not meant to be.  I lined up P8 for race one since group two was indeed faster than group one.

Race 1

Race one turned out to be about as much of a disaster as it could be.  I was hoping for a good start but unfortunately I held the clutch on the bite point for too long and before the lights went out the clutch just faded away and I stalled.  I got going again and passed 3 or 4 cars before I was given a jumped start penalty.  I didn’t quite understand why considering I had already fallen to the back of the field when I stalled but rules are rules and I had to come in for a drive through.  So I went back out and started passing people that I had already passed because my car was a rocket ship even with a broken wing rubbing against my left front tire.  I think we had third fastest race lap even with that.  Then to add to the problems, my fuel pump broke on the last lap of the race heading into the last two corners.

Race 2

I wanted to get that race out of my head and move on to race two.  I knew I’d be starting in the back but I knew the car was good enough to make some passes so I was looking forward to moving up in the second race.  I started 23rd and got a fantastic start this time narrowly missing a stalled car.  There was a big crash in turn one and I was able to gain some positions because of that.  I think at the end of lap one I was 16th.  At the restart I was charging.  I started to get by more cars one by one.  I passed into turn one and out of the tunnel into the slow chicane.  My competitors were racing me clean and it was a good fight coming through.  I made my way up to 12th and the next car for me to overtake was Suranovich…

Basically I had passed several cars up to the point where I caught Suranovich.  I knew where my car was strong and I knew where my opportunities to make a move would be.  My car was so good that I could run incredibly close behind him and was literally putting pressure on him at every corner.  I could see he was driving in his mirrors though because at one point out of turn one going up the hill I was almost bump drafting him up to turn three and he nearly drove straight into the wall because he was watching me!  He started making small moves to the inside of every corner in the brake zone.  He did this once heading into the very tight hair pin and was extremely slow at the apex trying to stop me from getting a good exit and I made contact with his car removing his rear wing.

Driving in his mirrors

It was certainly not was I was planning to do but I knew my car was still not in bad shape so I kept pushing.  It was now getting dangerous because he was driving in his mirrors without a rear wing, braking at random points on the track just so he could stay in front of me.  I was doing everything I could to make a clean pass because honestly I just wanted to finish the race after the disaster first race I had.  Every lane I tried to take on track to get around him he would move to block.  What also made it difficult is that having no rear wing he had a lot of speed in a straight line.  I knew I had to get a good run out of the corner leading up to the tunnel straight and I did.

I made an early move and immediately he tried to move in front of me so I decided to wait until the exit of the tunnel because I knew for a fact he couldn’t brake later than me without a rear wing.  I knew I would have to brake late though because he cut the track on the previous lap through the chicane because he missed his braking, and nothing was done about that.  I was so close though that I went straight for the inside knowing he would block and when he did I went straight for the outside because I knew that I could still out brake him on the outside but he immediately went to take that line which surprised me so I said to myself that surely he can’t be making a third move and I wanted to get back to the inside but he braked so early that before I got to the inside I shot over his rear tires.

The Flight

Of course we’ve all seen what happened next.  I don’t mind blocking but when you’re driving reacting to the driver in your rear view mirrors, making desperate efforts putting other drivers in danger, that’s not right.

I must say immediately after the crash I wasn’t hurt at all.  I got out so quickly because as soon as I stopped there was a bit of smoke so I thought I might have been on fire.  Luckily I didn’t have to do my best Ricky Bobby impression “I’m on FIRE!” and run around in my underwear with my helmet on.  I looked at my car though and thought wow, that was a big one.  Then I happened to see the fence and I was like wow did I do that?  As soon as my nose went up into the air I couldn’t see anything and I felt as though I was flying so I decided to close my eyes.  Honestly, all I wanted to do as soon as I got out of the car was get to Valencia.  But of course I’d have to wait.

After my quick trip back to the pits in the medical car the first person to ask if I was okay when I got out was Jean Todt.  I was a bit surprised because I hadn’t seen the crash yet and I was fine so I didn’t know why people in the stands were clapping when they saw me and why everyone was asking if I’m okay?  Apparently it looked pretty spectacular which after a while I realized it was indeed quite a shocking shunt.  I got back to my team and we all discussed the incident and everyone couldn’t really believe what Suranovich was doing.  I was then told I had to go to the hospital just to get checked out which of course I didn’t want to do.  But I figured I’d better obey the safety dudes and the FIA doctor because they knew what they were talking about and I was just a frustrated racing driver.

The buzzing phone

I congratulated my teammates and then had to get into the little safety car with my engineer and got sped through the streets of Monaco to the hospital.  I happened to have my phone with me because before getting into the cars we all had to sit on the street for 40 minutes or so waiting to get in the cars so my teammates and I kept our phones to listen to some music while we waited.  I had given my phone to my mechanic Nico before I got in the car and when he saw me after the crash he gave it to me and said my Dad probably wants to speak with me! hah!  When I got hold of my phone it was going berserk.  I first text my Mom because I knew she would probably be passed out or crying on a floor back at home the poor woman.  Then of course being the social media geek that I am I made sure to tweet that I was okay.

I tried to get out of the hospital as soon as possible because I felt fine and sure enough the doctors let me go after checking to make sure I could still breathe and all my limbs were still there.  On the way back to the paddock I spoke to my Dad and my Mom who were happy to hear from me.  I was getting an unbelievable amount of tweets and started seeing some of the screen shots of the crash and I was like HOLY crap is that me!?  I felt extremely lucky to be walking and talking after that.  I nearly ended up in the sea!  I must say though that some of the tweets I got were pretty funny, mainly a tweet from a fake Charlie Whiting account saying “Greatly relieved @ConorDaly22’s flight landed safely. Wow. Marshals are permitted to expense the laundering of their trousers.”

It was also nice to receive so many messages from people hoping I was alright.  Gary Paffett even tweeted me!  I was at Brands Hatch the weekend before and saw him win the DTM race so I thought that was pretty cool and quite kind of him.  It was also crazy to think the Nascar driver Brad Keselowski tweeted me with the link to the crash video just saying “Wow…”  The video seemed to be reaching a lot of people and it meant a lot to have them hoping I was OK.

After all the action of the day I was able to head out for dinner with my teammates and enjoy a good night in downtown Monaco with friends/competitors.  It was a nice night to relax and then get up early for my flight back to England Sunday morning.


Since the weekend I’ve done interviews with SPEED Channel in America with the legendary Dave Despain, Top Gear Magazine interviewed me and are going to have me in their magazine, and the video of the crash on YouTube is up to 900,000 views!  I’ve had friends from all over the world say I’ve made it on the news where they are which is quite cool I guess – even in Australia.  It’s really not what I’d like to be making the news for, crashing, but since there was nothing I could do about it, I’ll take the press!  I’m really hoping the next blog I write has nothing to do with flying into the sky, hitting a fence and ending up in a smokey destroyed race car.  I have to thank Dallara for making a very safe car and all the marshals and doctors in Monaco for all their great work.  I really enjoyed the Monte Carlo circuit but I’ll have to wait until next year to try and find success there (hopefully in GP2 or World Series).  Now, onto Valencia where I know we will come back strong!

  • Rich

    I’m so glad that you’re alright and in good spirits. That was a hell of a shunt. I hope this gets brought up at the drivers meeting in Valencia an the Stewards put an end to such behaviour swiftly. Thanks for writing this op-ed and best of luck in Valencia and beyond.


    Happy to know you are OK, Conor! Bob Varsha and the boys at SPEED showed the replay in the run-up to the F1 start – gnarly stuff. Catch fences can be a catch-22 at times, I am happy to see that it kept you upright and headed in the right direction. Also – very surprised Suranovich was not called in for losing his wing.

  • Nathan de Rover

    Will Buxton tweeted that following everything, Dmitri Suranovich gave the chief steward the finger. That shows that the kid has terribly poor decision-making skills and I don’t think you’ll have to worry about him for a while.


    Glad to hear you’re OK, what is it with your family and Monaco ? Hope things back on track next time out, season looks very promising ( don’t imagine your dad is that impressed with your 900,000……)

  • Last2.LateBrake

    Good on your safe return. A championship would be the best in yo face possible. I’m cheering you on bro

  • Honda Hero (AKA @Gustuso)

    JEEEEEZ that is a horror smash! I know its probably good to try and emulate Mark Webber’s excellent win at Monaco but trust me, emulating his flying abilities ain’t healthy!! Glad all was ok though and chin up for the next round.

  • sergo

    Почему Conor Daly не получил наказание, за сломанное заднее крыло Сурановичу?
    Conor Daly сам виноват в аварии. Суранович ехал правильно.

    • gixxerwimp

      The above comment in Russian asks why Conor wasn’t punished for removing Suranovich’s rear wing, blames him for causing the accident, and says that Suranovich was “riding correctly” (Google’s translation).

  • The Captain

    That was a really great write up by the way.