Things have gone from bad to worse at Ferrari with technical boss Pat Fry saying he is “disappointed” with the pace of the F2012 chssis and progress so far. The BBC’s Andrew Benson said that Alonso was quoted in the Spanish media as suggesting that Ferrari have a lot of work to do and must grit their teeth and try to progress little by little.

This comment from Alonso comes on the heels of his already very public proclamation that the car was “complex” and that usually isn’t good. For Fry’s part, he says that the team are trying new things:

“The change we made to the exhaust position has put us a bit on the back foot,” Fry said.

“We’re just trying to optimise for that. We’ve got a lot of work going on at the factory. We’ll have new bits to test in Melbourne.”

That is coupled with the fact that the team are having a difficult time getting data from the car according to Alonso last week. One wonders if Mercedes AMG Petronas may have found their moment to shine and pass Ferrari in the rankings but then days are early and anything can happen in Formula One.

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  • Modoc

    heres my picks for sunday next week:

    1st Jenson Button
    2nd Sebastian Vettel
    3rd Lewis Hamilton

    1st out Barrichello… too soon?

  • Rob

    Me thinks they protest too much (or words to that affect) :-) Hard to say if sandbagging or they are in trouble….. might not know for a few races into the season. They are in a catch-22 – making minor upgrades will not catch red bull but major changes can backfire quickly.

  • I suppose it is expected that there will be balancing acts to make the plan come together. The best times of Barcelona 1 must be enough a platform to work from. The settings and maps should the basis from which any other adaptations need to be done. Downforce shouldn’t be such big worry for Fry as it seems to be the case. I think Ferrari will still bounce back in the third to fourth Grand Prix.

  • The Captain

    I’m more than a little skeptical the car is as bad as they are making it out to be. But if it is ouch! Didn’t they even kinda give up on last year to start development early on this one?

  • F1 Kitteh

    Where is Stefano hiding these days?

  • gsprings

    not buying it,i think they will be right up there at the first gp,at least alonso will,massa i don’t know

  • mini696

    Ferrari are not known to speak out like this and pretend to sandbag. I think they really do have some problems, maybe not as bad as they say, but I think they are basically saying “We wont be winning straight away”.

  • Maryssian

    They are just setting everyone’s expectations real low so that people will talk about them in a positive light for the first time in years.

  • Niyoko

    I’m ready for whatever happens in Melbourne. Ferrari is in big trouble, or we’ve had a lot of wool pulled over our eyes.

    Even if they are doing a fantastic job at sandbagging, I only see them matching RBR and McLaren’s pace.

  • F1Sommelier

    Let’s look at the positives:
    It will be much easier for Felipe to justify his crappy driving this year.
    Flavio may have a chance to run a team before the season is up,
    If the car is that bad, Hamilton may actually have a chance of beating Alonso this year.

  • Jack Flash (Aust)

    Smoke & Mirrors. JF

  • Steven

    There seems to be a lot of optimistic Ferrari fan on this blog.
    Sommelier, like he did in 07? Lol

    • Fandangio

      Come on Steven, you can’t take the results of when they were both driving the same car to be an actual reflection of their performance.

      Didn’t you know, Ron gave him an inferior car, poisoned his food and gave him a dead leg before each race!

    • F1Sommelier

      If Hamilton proved he was better in 2007, how do you explain Alonso beating him soundly last year in a Ferrari that was lapped twice?

      • quattro_T

        Hamilton has been beaten by Alonso both 2010 and 2011. Both years in a slower car…no more needs to be said.

    • F1sommeliee

      Steven and Fandangio I have another question for you, since Button beat Lewis in the same car last year, does that mean that Button is a better driver than Lewis?

  • Raj

    Poor boys, Hope all this media hype is just a Show.

  • F1Sommelier

    Steven and Fandangio, in the real world you don’t give a driver that cost you 100 million dollars and all of your constructor points that year a car that he could use to win the championship with, especially if he is going to beat out your other driver who is like a son to you.
    Don’t take my word for it take Ron’s:
    “We are racing Alonso”
    Ron Dennis
    I own a underwater tunnel that goes from England to France, you guys sound just like the kind of guys I have been looking for to buy it from me.;-)

    • natasha

      dream on

      • F1Sommelier

        If that doesn’t make sense to you, then just answer my question above, how did Alonso soundly beat Lewis last year in a Ferrari that was so bad it was lapped twice?

  • F1Champ

    Alonso was reported by autosport saying “I just want to remind you of an episode two years ago: at the last test in Barcelona we were fifth behind Red Bull, McLaren, Sauber and Force India and two weeks later we gained a one-two win in Bahrain,”

    So, to me this is all just a bluffing game by Ferrari that they are in doldrums.

  • Topspeed

    Who would be interested in bad media? Telling everyone that the car is complex implying that they´re not quite understanding what is going on cannot be good for Ferrari be it the true or not.
    My reading is that the car is not that slow but they will suffer badly in the long runs. But again only Melbourne results will not be real indicative of their situation.