Following the tragic train wreck in Spain today, the Lotus F1 team will honor those who have perished by placing the Galicia flag on the rear end-plate of the cars for this weekend’s Hungarian Grand Prix. Lotus F1 boss, Gerard Lopez, offered this statement:

“Following the tragic accident on Wednesday 24th July 2013 involving the passenger train in Galicia, I and all within Lotus F1 Team would like to extend our sincere condolences to the family and friends of those affected and involved.

“As a Galician, I will provide all the help and support possible to those affected by this disaster, which has taken place in an area of the country I know and love so well. As an expression of support, I would like to reach out to those involved and show my unity to the region.

“Furthermore, as a mark of respect and display of moral support, Lotus F1 Team will drive with the Galician flag on the rear wing end plates of both E21 Formula 1 cars throughout the weekend of the Hungarian Grand Prix.”

The latest reports show 140 injured with 36 severely so and a total of 78 people dead after a train, traveling at twice the speed limit for this particular part of the track, wrecked in Spain on thursday.


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  • JackFlash(Aust)

    [1]. Well done Lotus F1. A fitting small, but fitting tribute, to the tragedy befallen so many families in Galacia region Spain. There were also US and UK citizens affected, some travelling to Ferrol on shipyard business. A minutes silence prior to F1 Race Start at Hungaroring, as a mark of respect, wouldn’t go astray either.

    [2]. As a professional Engineer, and one who has ongoing consulting involvement with the Public Transport Sector (rail systems included); such wanton recklessness for the safety of the public by a Train Driver, whose lives were put into his trust, is nigh unthinkable. Risking a whole train of 100’s of tonnes and ANY passengers @190km/h, in a 80km/h speed limited curve, is beyond criminal negligence.

    The curve speed limit is there for a good reason – physics. There was only ever going to be one catastrophic result of such stupid bravado.

    Apparently, this driver has run the speed gauntlet at the ‘public’s risk’ before (Facebook bragging). This idiot should have to face each AND EVERY one of the families impacted by his selfish stupidity, and answer to their wrath of enquiry… For the rest of his natural life.

    I have nothing but contempt for this ‘sorry excuse for a man’.
    Jack Flash CPEng.

    • @russbroom

      Powerful stuff there Jack!

      Agreed on all counts though.

    • UAN

      Well said Jack.