Occasionally the methodical process and work-a-day nature of F1 is interrupted by some sort of scandal…big or small. This years first major scandal may very well be the Adrian Sutil incident in China where he was engaged in an altercation in a VIP room with Genii Capital financier Eric Lux.

Lux had injuries to his neck which required stitches and Sutil publicly offered an apology, of sorts, for the incident. It seems that is not quite enough as Lux has now filed an official complaint against the Force India driver:

“Mr Eric Lux has decided to file a criminal complaint against Mister Adrian Sutil for physical assault and grievous bodily harm.

“As soon as the complaint is registered, the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA) and the team Force India will be notified.

“Furthermore, please note that Mr Eric Lux does not exclude commencing an action against any other persons involved in this matter.”

It seems the Sutil bad boy image just got more bad and perhaps others will be dragged into the fray as well. McLaren driver Lewis Hamilton was present during the altercation but stories have placed him adrift of any involvement but Lux’s statement does imply there were others and that they too may be involved in the legal action.

F1 is a tough world as Mr. Lux has found out and perhaps words got heated and tempers flared. It will be difficult to keep this story from prying eyes now that he has filed charges but perhaps, like all F1 scandals it seems, the publicity will have CVC and F1 boss Bernie Ecclestone chuckling to the bank.


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  • I’m going to keep quiet. That “any other persons” language is scary!

    [Stay strong Adrian!]

    [Watch, it will come out that he’s a total jerk in this, making me look — again — like a jerk.]

    • yeah, the other people issue is intriguing. Maybe Nicole was there with Lewis and she got, like, all up in Eric’s face and issued a beat down? The dynamic duo of Lewis and Adrian are no team to be trifled with apparently…you do, you get cut.

  • One man’s misfortune is anothers opportunity to shine, just remember Bertrand Gachot and the Taxi driver prior to the 1991 Belgian GP.

    Hulkenberg is already tying his racing boots.

    • After being handled by Di Resta, Maybe this altercation could find Adrian sidelined with a big opportunity for Nico Hulkernberg to try out his new managerless career move?

      • The Scrutineer

        This is exactly what Force India need to move Sutil aside. Surely this is a breach of contract, you know, conduct detrimental to the team or something. Yeah, Sutil started scoring more points last year but I can’t imagine that Nico couldn’t match that if not better it.

        • Williams4Ever

          Ohh like Ron Dennis and Kimi Raikkonen and the strip club gate :-?

        • Force India never really needs a breach of contract if they feel like getting rid of someone. See, e.g., Tonio Liuzzi. Still, I suppose this would make things a *bit* easier for them.

    • F1 Kitteh

      Must be the ‘water’ they have at the Silverstone base that makes their drivers do these things?

  • Tiger

    How can you trust someone named “Lux” anyways. Sounds like some 007 bad guy.

    • Is he the bad guy that throws a shoe…or a hat? Or maybe a bottle of Moet?

      • The Imperative Voice

        He throws light. Very “Goldeneye.”

      • The Imperative Voice

        Or maybe “Die Another Day.”

  • Williams4Ever

    Is there a Genii Client (F1 seat aspiring driver) that can be placed in FIF1 if Adrian Sutil loses race seat :-?.

    Of course this is F1, paragon of ethical behavior, so we shouldn’t be talking conflict of interests here…

    • The only one not currently in F1 that I know about is Ho-Pin Tung, and he’d have to be extracted from Lotus’ substitute programme. With Nico Hulkenburg easier to access, at best that would mean a reserve seat.

  • I wish I had been there.

  • positiveCamper

    I wonder if Mr. Lux’s wife is named “Dee?”

    • Even if not, I like the image of a drunk Adrian repeatedly shouting that at her. “Hey Dee. Hey Dee Lux.” (Turns and laughs at LewHam.) “Hey Dee Lux.” Until finally Lux can’t take anymore…

      And, yes, I’m basically suggesting Adrian and LewHam are F1’s Beavis and Butthead, if that reference doesn’t date me too much.

  • Lois

    So as not to risk harm or headlines, only plastic cups and cans were allowed at the #F1Chat “after party” tonight.

    • Williams4Ever

      Those cans they can be sharp…

  • gsprings

    so much for this being a boost to sutils career,sorry,but this is something i am sure force india does not want,the kind of thing that could cost sutil his seat,considering he has not been setting the world on fire on the track,and having a hot shoe waiting in the wings,bad move

    • I’ll counter that with this thought:

      Who’s seriously brave enough to take Sutil’s seat? I think we know what would happen to that driver. :)

  • gsprings

    must have been a lousy feeling when sutil found out the apology did’nt work

  • gsprings

    i wonder how this would have been settled if it was another driver that sutil had the brawl with

    • Tony Greene

      Super Softs at dawn.

    • There’s a midget wrestling joke in here, which would add to our list of people we’ve offended.

      But I might pay to see Massa and Heidfeld get it on in the squared circle.

      • Jack Flash

        With or without the Jello?

        (SJ — you wierd little man!). LoL

      • Williams4Ever

        In hand to hand combat Heidfeld will be in serious trouble, thanks to those facial…. So Massa will win something for more than 8 seconds in this fight ;-)

  • jonnowoody

    Not the first unwise lunge that Sootle has ever made.

    Oh…and he may be given a hearing – it may have been an accident.

  • gsprings

    this guys stock sure is’nt what it used to be