Red Bull certainly know how to throw a party and not party was bigger this past week than the re-opening of the new Red Bull Ring, formerly the Osterreichring.  The circuit has not seen such action since hosting a leg of the F1 world championship series back in 2003.

With new facilities and a host of cars, people and events, the opening was a spectacle to behold.  The driving skills of Gerhard Berger, Adrian Newey, Sebastian Vettel and Niki Lauda were all put to the test in wet conditions as well as aerobatics from airplanes and even a NASCAR car. Who knows? Bernie Ecclestone said it’s not out of the question that F1 could one day return to the Red Bull Ring…no holding breath on that one but if you go with the European GP as being in the dominant drivers favor (Valencia for Alonso), perhaps Red Bull’s native land could host it when the contract expires for Valencia.


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  • positiveCamper

    I have nothing against a race in Austria, but my memories of the A1 Ring, as it was last raced in F1, are that it is a boring track.

  • AbeFroman

    How could you want F1 to leave Valencia? It’s been such a terrific and exciting addition to the F1 Calendar.

    /huffs paint/

  • Maclaren

    NASCAR doesn’t know where Austria is.

    • Williams4Ever

      States of Georgia, Illinois, Missouri,West Virginia have cities named in Honor of the Austrian Capital Vienna
      and Iowa has city called New Vienna again in honor of the Austrian Capital.
      But then as you said, even the residents of these places may not be aware of the fact :)