There is no question that we are not big fans of the game shows, incessant NASCAR shows and the overal “original” programming on Speed TV. While we think Speedvision had the right idea, we feel Speed TV compromised its integrity by catering to the NASCAR crowd.

Don’t get me wrong, that’s where the money is and as anyone in business will tell you, you go where the money is. No harm, no foul. but what about the rest of the Speedvision viewers who really like road course racing and European series? What about the millions who are not NASCAR fans? Where do we go?

Speed TV has the answer…sort of. Speed TV announced today that they will be offering a broadband channel via internet called Speed 2. This hearkens back to the Speedvision days with most of the real racing we have come to love but Speed was afraid to carry.

I cannot imagine a racing channel that does not carry Pass Time, Bull Run, Pinks or over 30 NASCAR shows. I am not even sure how to react to be honest. The amount of programming on Speed TV that is NASCAR-centric is astounding. The game shows have reached epic fail proportions and the lack of any real road racing is depressing. Perhaps this is the solution?

No, it’s not on your TV service provider but I can live with the streaming service on my 23″ monitor for now. Here is the release:



SPEED2, a groundbreaking new broadband network featuring live, streaming events that will complement the tremendous offerings of the linear SPEED network, is set to launch Summer 2010, it was announced today by SPEED President Hunter Nickell.

A beta version of SPEED2 will be available in June 2010 with a wider consumer debut targeted for July. Available only to SPEED subscribers as an authenticated online network, SPEED2 also will provide a variety of video-on-demand international motor sports content and compelling automotive and motorcycle enthusiast programming.

“NASCAR, the most popular form of motor sports in North America, is the foundation and top priority of the linear network,” Nickell said. “Developing SPEED2 provides a dedicated platform for a wider variety of racing, including some of the coolest international events from tracks around the world.”

Magazine shows, such as Motorsports Mundial and Inside Grand Prix, will be featured on SPEED2, and the network’s more than a dozen international racing series includes the Time Trial Xtreme Grand Prix (TTXGP), a race featuring zero-carbon, clean-emission motorcycles. Following is an initial list of the races scheduled exclusively for SPEED2:

• FIA GT1 and GT3 (World and European Championship Touring Car Racing Series)
• German Touring Car (DTM)
• World Touring Car Championship (WTCC)
• Intercontinental Rally
• British Touring Car Championship (BTCC)
• FIM Motocross World Championship (All-Terrain Motorcycle Racing)
• FIM Supermoto World Championship (Motorcross and Off-Road Racing)
• FIM Enduro World Championship (Long Distance Off-Road Motorcycle Racing)
• Nürburgring 24 (Touring Car Endurance Racing)
• Formula 2 (Open Wheel Formula Racing)
• F3 Euroseries (European Open Wheel Developmental Racing Series)
• VW Scirocco Cup (German Single-Make Racing Series)

“SPEED2 will be at the cutting edge of new media programming,” said Mike Biard, Executive Vice President, Fox Networks Affiliate Sales and Marketing. “Our distributors have been seeking more online content to complement their video offerings, and this network will deliver what drives viewership—exclusive live events and dramatic action—all in an authenticated online environment.”

Both standard and high-definition content will be provided on SPEED2, and the broadband network will also have access to an extensive programming library from SPEED’s 14 years on the air, including the popular series American Muscle Car, Behind the Headlights, Back in the Day and Victory by Design.

An F1 fan since 1972, NC has spent over 25 years in the technology industry focusing on technology integration, AV systems integration, digital media strategies, technology planning, consulting, speaking, presenting, sales, content strategy, marketing and brand building.
  • AngryGinger

    This is fantastic! Real racing to watch.

  • Jim

    So this is like MTV2 when the original stop showing music videos and went with an “all crap all the time” format. It’s disappointing that is only available online but if the demand us there I am sure they will move it to cable at some point

    • rprebel

      Jim beat me to the punch with the M2 comment…we all know how well that turned out.

      I’m reserving judgment, but I am hopeful. Then again, I was hopeful about USF1 too.

    • The Captain

      MTV has done more that any other entity in my lifetime to kill music as I know and love it. SPEED is starting to get that way with racing.

  • If Speed would only figure out that what we want are racing/motorsport/car-related music videos, we’d all be in heaven.

  • Tim

    Showing my ignorance, but what ia a “Speed Subscriber” as mentioned in paragraph 2 above? Thanks!

    • Black Knight

      Good question. One can only assume that this will be a fee based service with monthly or per use payments. Not sure who would actually pay for some of this stuff…

      I might be will to pay Speed to kill about 75 percent of the crap they now broadcast. Seriously, the only thing I now watch on Speed is F1. The new programming is painful.

    • SLinSTL

      I am hoping that the “Speed subscriber” stipulation is an online verification that you get Speed today via cable/satellite. NBC did this during the winter olympics to allow for streaming live events to be viewed and it did not have a fee attached.

  • gsprings

    i am a nascar fan,but i agree that they have went overboard with the nascar stuff,i loved speedvision because it had a nice mix,when fox purchased speedvision thats when it became nascar heavy,but i guess it is to be expected from a network based in charlotte NC. the heart of nascar country

  • Excepteuropa1

    I got so excited when I read the headline to this article. Todd, don’t make me unfriend you on FaceBook! I will definitely not be paying to watch anything on a computer, if the subscriber bit does indeed mean ‘pay subscriber’. As they mention that Motorsports Mundial and Inside Grand Prix will be available on S2, I wonder if that means they will be replacing them on Speed with yet more krap about tow trucks or untalented southern folks who can’t make it onto American Idol.
    Really? I’m talking about Speed and American Idol in the same sentence? Explain that to me, Speed. Explain to me why you have game shows on a network once devoted to motorsport. Explain to me why I have to revert to a drawer full of videos recorded from Speed circa 1996 in order to watch anything that contains the word Fangio or Moss, the latter of which not being something growing in Darrell Waltrips front yard! Okay, now I’m just angry.

  • The Imperative Voice

    Reading between the lines, some of the Euro-based non-F1 content that I like (such as DTM and BTCC, even if it’s tape-delayed months…’s something to watch in F1/Indy offseason) is being shoved off Speed altogether to the internet, where it will be supplemented by some new content and form Speed2. As someone who spends enough time in front of computers during my workday, and enjoys watching the odd race off the TV/DVR, this is a negative development to me. It does in fact remind of MTV becoming a reality TV network (if you want to watch music videos and concerts these days, it’s on Palladia….).

  • Solidarity

    Jeebus, I hope S2 will not be run by the same folks who do their website. This whole article has just made me sad and angry that Speedvision is gone for good, never to be replaced. I’m afraid that US non-nascar fans will be pushed in the internet ether forever, sidelined by horrible reality tuner, singing, whatever the hell ‘bullrun’ is, type of shows. This makes me sad for the state of racing in america. F1B is a godsend, just so I know that other people do indeed watch real racing.

  • Jason Carter

    I really hope Dish Network gets Speed 2…I would never leave my couch!

  • Jaymz Mynes

    Carter you dont leave your couch the way it is. Really excited for Speed 2!