F1B Downshift

Join Mark and I as we unpack the terrific interview granted us by USF1 team boss Peter Windsor. With all the rumors circulating about the future of the American F1 team, it seemed like the perfect opportunity to go to the source and seek his insight and opinion on:

USF1’s likelihood of staying in F1
Driver search
Crash testing
German Media coverage
Former BMW F1 team & Peter Sauber
Ferrari lumps instead of mandatory Cosworth
Kyle Bush
14 teams
and more…

Thank you to Mr. Windsor for the time and insight as well as to Mark H. for the hard work.

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  • The drivers seat

    Awesome interview Mark!
    I do find it interesting however that, as head of an f1 team he has time to go play trains with Sam Posey for a couple of days. And if you were writing an article about a new Formula one team in America don’t you think Sam should be down there to write his road and track article.
    Things are still not adding up for me

  • John Stone

    Great interview… But of course that’s what we have come to expect from F1B!

    I’ve never understood Frank Williams stance against adding more teams nor customer cars. But a thought popped into my head that if there are more teams would the slice of the money pie get smaller? Is the Williams F1 team budget so tight, that losing some of the money from the FIA/FOM effect the team that much!

    John “more pie please…” Stone

  • Michael Kornbrekke (mini696)

    Brilliant interview Mark. Love your work.

  • Doc_V

    Not that I’m particularly a fan of him or anything however, how come the name Scott Speed has not come up in all this? I realize he’s not the greatest driver however, he’s currently the American with the most F1 experience. Did is miss something somewhere? Did he burn some bridges in F1 or is he too toxic in some way? …or is he plane and simple just *that bad*?

    • Michael Kornbrekke (mini696)

      He already has a contract for 2010 in Nascar I think.