As rumors flowed through the champagne-stained streets of Monaco regarding Fernando Alonso to Ferrari, another rumor has emerged to play straight into the hands of “silly season”.Two German news outlets have ran stories suggesting that Kimi Raikkonen is not thrilled with the pomp and circumstance of F1 and will not renew his contract after this year. Is this a case of truth or just a rumor mill making room for the Fernando to Ferrari suggestions?  As with all silly seasons, you have to take them with a grain of salt but I would not place bets on either of these stories to be true or false.  Both have some chipped-away filings that could be sharp.  Although the use of the word “friend” could be very suspect at this point.

“Kimi loves the driving and hates everything else about formula one,” one of Raikkonen’s apparent friends is quoted as telling TZ.

“The public appearances, the life under the spotlight — he doesn’t have the desire anymore,” the unnamed friend reportedly added.

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  • dumpsterdiver

    It’s about time the truth surfaced!

    It totally fits with this rumor saw reported elsewhere today:

    “Stefano Domenicali and Takuma Sato have been seen on several occasions meeting on Luca’s yacht and in the team paddocks recently”, one of Luca’s apparent friends is quoted as telling another unidentified friend.
    “Takuma is well known to be quite comfortable making public appearances and carrying on life under the spotlight – for the Team, and for its sponsors, which is exactly what the Maranello team is looking for, and there’s no question that Taku has the drive,” the unnamed friend added.


    Dumpster “He ain’t light, he’s Alonzo” Diver

  • LOL.

  • Lady Snowcat

    This is no different to all the other stories on this…

    I am hoping he sees out his Ferrari contract as next year when there is a chance of overtaking would be great for him…

    (And I will have seen him at all the F1 tracks then too)….

    But he could easily wake up one day and say “I don’t want to do this any more”….

    But going out for the last few laps of Monaco when even a point was unlikely makes me think his heart is still in the racing….

  • Personally, I think Todd is just making this up so a) he can use that picture again and b) so he has something to poke at me for during the show tonight.

  • John Stone

    That thought has been in the back of my mind for a while. It came farther forward in my mind during the Monaco race…… Since then I’ve been pondering a Massa/Alonso pairing at Ferrari…… But I think that would end up like Alonso’s stint at McLaren, in shambles, the only way the Ferrari thing works is if Kimi stays at Ferrari.

    But I’m not sure that Kimi will stay at Ferrari, I’m really, like you, thinking that Kimi will retire at the end of the year.

    John “Iceman stay frozen for a couple more years…..” Stone

  • mark h

    Kimi may not like playing along with everyone else’s stupid games, but he certainly enjoys beating everyone at them.
    I may not much like the Iceman, but he’s a born racer, and I feel that will keep him in the sport for a while yet.
    Also never trust German journos ;)

  • brendan stallard

    If I were the boss of Ferrari: I’d be courting Kubica rather than the toot Alonso. Besides: there is NO guarantee that Ferrari are going to have the best car forever.

    With Max going soon: there will be changes in the way things are done: things have always changed in F1. It would not surprise me, for instance, if Honda made massive improvements in the next couple of years and all of a sudden, those cars were much further toward the front than they are now.


  • For crying out loud, I was really sick of the Schumi retirement rumours that ran every year fromm 2000, now i gotta hear all this again? great…

    Can the press just look at getting rid of, Fisi, Trulli, DC and Rubens?

  • Alastair

    LOL, one poor race and Kimi’s retiring at the end of the year.


  • WonkyDave

    Frantic, those four don’t need the press’ help, particularly DC.

  • True Dave very true! But at least it would make a proper story getting rid of DC n co than going on about a world champion retiring!

  • WonkyDave

    Maybe we should start a rumor that names the four other prostitutes at Max’s spank-fest as Fisi, Jarno, Rubens and DC.

    On second thought, a story about a rumor of Kimi retiring would still be more interesting…

  • Alastair,

    My hunch is that they have to try to substantiate their “Fernando to Ferrari” rumors so the best way to do that is to start a rumor of Kimi leaving. conveniently making room for Fernando. Who knows but I take these thing with a grain of salt.

  • Dave, that would be a great rumour if i didnt wanna thw up as i read it..

  • too late!

  • WonkyDave

    I think it might be a better rumo(u)r if the four were Ron Dennis, Alonso, LewHam and AntHam – also known as the 2007 McLaren “We’re A Big Spanking Family!” Mercedes team.

  • FFC

    The thing is, this could be true. You never know with F1. Of course, that also means it could be false. You never know with F1.

  • onthepodium

    i love the way kimi turns the table on the whole issue. he’s playing a little hard to get. i’m liking him more and more these days. by saying he’ll stay as long as he enjoys it, keeps a lot of specualtion in play.

    of course, if ferrari doesn’t work hard enough to keep him, it might be an opportunity for alonso to make his move. but hey, we’ve just finished monaco. the vodka rig is still half full. let’s see what he manages to pull off in canada!,18954,3213_3654809,00.html

  • Lady Snowcat

    In the same Press Conference when asked if he’ll finish his career with Ferrari he says maybe… someone presses him to say definitely and he will only agree to maybe…

    He also says they are talking about a contract post 2009….

    You could spin this any way you like… the journos have just jumped one way…

  • kimmie

    It would be really sad if Kimi leaves racing. He may not be the role model type that hamilton is being groomed to be but the man is in a class of his own. inspite of the earlier reported character flaws he brings fire, color and spunk to the sport. it would be really a pity if F1 will be left with the attention-hogging, trying-hard fernando alonzo who is the righful man to retire.

  • kimmie


  • I agree, Kimi is all his own and that’s refreshing in F1. I hope he stays.

  • Sophie

    It is really saddening to hear that Kimi will be retiring, at least in rumors. I just can’t see Alonso representing Ferrari, I just don’t think its right. Ever since Alonso started racing with F1, I just have this general dislike towards him.

    I just hope if he does retire they’d just get Hamilton. haha dream on righttt?

  • I don’t think Lewis is going anywhere soon. He signed a lengthy contract with Ron. Welcome to F1B Sophie.

  • kimi

    Those are just rumors….. kimi is driving for the championship not for singe race winnings…

  • Jim

    Kimi has said that he has a contract through 2009 and he would see it through. All Varsha has been saying this weekend is that it’s going to be Vettel they go after if Kimi does decide to not run in 2010. So if you be lieve those rumors why would you not hold onto Massa and bring Vettel. Let Alonso go become a pain in the a$$ to another team (Ross Brawn :Fernando on line 1)

  • Karthik

    Yup… I think Kimi has not shown the fire he had when he was with Mclaren… I think, its time to rope in Alonso. The guy is talented enough and does not have a decent car.

    I hope Alonso joins Scuderia Ferrari next year :)

  • beckett

    ahh… my favourite Kimi moment —